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20/20 Design Services

Bloch Building & Construction works with several architects on design / build projects.  What this means is -
oftentimes, when we meet with the homeowner, they know they want an addition, an updated bathroom, and a
Desiegn-Build-imagelarger walk-in closet, but maybe not exactly how it should be laid out or where everything goes.  Or, sometimes we can evaluate a potential project and make suggestions or recommendations to save you money, create a better layout flow, take advantage of an improved outdoor view, or just give you some additional food for thought.

To start the process, we meet initially with you to determine what you are interested in doing.  At that point, if it makes sense, we bring in an architect (unless you have your own) to measure and create the perfect space and layout for exactly what you want.  Perhaps even some optional layouts depending on the project.  Once that is complete, we offer three dimensional viewing of your project so you can see what your home will ultimately look like.  We also put together a budget so you can start planning your new addition or remodeling project. 

Call for more information on this part of the process or to schedule an architect for your upcoming project.

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